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Wings Card Visa

A few days ago the company Wings Network launched the Wings debit card, which will be issued by Visa, which can be used to make cash withdrawals that are earning in Wings Network. Also we can use it as any card to make purchases at stores where Visa is accepted.


The Wings Card is requested in the virtual office of each registered member.




Wings Card is the only card that earns you money!


Wings Network Latin Tour

This March is scheduled a international tour of Wings Network for several Latin American countries, among them are Dominican Republic, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.


Several leaders of the company will be on the tour including to Claudio Campos, Joao Andrade, Humberto Duran, Julio Cruz and leaders in countries that conferences will be held.


Also on the tour will be the CEO of the company Mr. Carlos Barbosa.



Wings Network Consultant Bonus Details

The Wings Network Consultant Bonus is a bonus that encourages and motivates new members to grow up their network.


How does it work?

This bonus that gives the company obtained by the packages sold during a month. The monthly earning amounts are depending on the package you choose, this bonus can’t exceed 50% of the amount of your package:




How do I qualify for this bonus?

A qualify requirement for this bonus is to have a direct member in every side of binary with any package and have at least 500 points in the lower side can be points of own team or from spillover. The picture shows an example where one person join the Elite package and refers two Elites members, thereby the member qualify directly and win aprox. $750 every month.




Why a recurring monthly bonus?

Company executives decided to give a bonus like this in order that the new members who have never been in a multilevel marketing can make money, because statistics show that most people quit their MLM company because they can’t keep recruiting more than two people in average. The members receive this bonus in order to gain confidence to continue prospecting and have even more referrals.


This bonus encourages members to refer to at least two people which is great for himself and for the team as more people enter the company also gain the other bonuses.


This Network Wings Consultant Bonus is paid for a period of twelve months since one member qualifies or until the Supervisor title is reached.


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The Power of the Binary Wings Network

The Binary Bonus is the most attractive part of the compensation plan of Wings Network.


It is very powerfull because this bonus is based on the binary system’s multiplication principle, and spillover points generated by the team. This bonus of Wings Network pays 50% of the lower leg points in dollars.




For example : You sign up three people with the Elite Package (500 points), then two of them take place in the left leg and the other on the right one. Through this bonus you receive $250 that correspond to the 500 points of the lower leg, and this is just the beginning. As the network grows you gain more points for teamwork and spill points from uplines, so that when performing daily draws scores always receive 50% of your lower leg.


Right now the momentum is great, on any day you see that four new members have joined in your lower leg with the Elite Package, this will result in $1000 for you, so you do not have referred them direct necessarily.

This bonus has a huge potential as other bonuses.

The company was launched just over a month and leaders from many companies have joined Wings Network because it has a unique compensation plan.

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Give wings to your dreams.

Wings Network: The New Multilevel

Wings Network has joined the virtual world with people through the multilevel. The virtual world today has exceeded expectations every day, new technologies, new concepts and new forms of exploitation are created in every moment.

wings network multinivel
Information technology applied to mobility solutions today comprise a market of exponential growth. And a reality that moves billion a day in app downloads of various types.
The proposal Wings Network is to enable people to participate in this global movement, to build and develop their own business with us and make your dreams come true, while having fun. See the Compensation Plan.
Official Page: Wings Network

Wings Network Compensation Plan



There are three ways to Join Wings Network:

  1. Pack Start: $299
  2. Pack Executive: $749
  3. Pack Elite: $1499


Also is necessary to have to pay an entry fee, a value of $49. You can upgrade to higher levels anytime by paying the difference.


The image shows the points the network generates each package:




1) Sales Bonus:


This bonus pays 50% of the total points generated by the sales of the company products.




2) Quick Start Bonus:


Same as previous bonus, this is generated by the direct entry of new members to the network, according to the package they purchased: Start: $10, Executive: $25 and Elite: $50 dollars.




3) Team Bonus:


This is the binary bonus and pays exceptionally, for the first time in MLM industry a company pays such high percentages.
This bonus is paid a percentage of dollars generated by the score on your lower leg, these percentages are acording to the package you chose.
If you join with the package:

  • Start: Earn 25% of the lower leg
  • Executive: Earn 35% of the lower leg
  • Elite: Earn 50% of the lower leg


For example: If you joined the Elite package and any given day you have 2000 points in your lower leg, you get $ 1000 dollars thanks to this bonus.

No company that pays 50% of the binary bonus.
As with any binary spill points uplines works. This bonus has a huge potential!



4) Group Bonus:


This bond pays a percentage of dollars from your unilevel team members points to the tenth level of depth. This bonus depends on the range or level you are.






5) Consultant Bonus:


This bonus is great, just refer to two people (one in each leg) and get to have 500 points in your lower leg, you receive a percentage of the overall sales of the company each month, for example, if you enter the Elite package you receive max. $750 every month.




6) Generation Bonus:


This bonus you receive when you have the rank of Director, consists of taking a percentage of the points of the first-level downlines that are also at a high rank.




6) Global Bonus:


This bonus pays since you have 150,000 points accumulated on your team, you receive a percentage of the overall sales of the company. The percentages range from 1% to 150,000 points to 5% when you run into 3,000,000 points.





As you advance in rank receive a cash prize, images show score needed to advance in rank and the corresponding prize.









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Compensation Plan by Andrew Arrambide:


You can skip to minute 20:15 if you prefer to see only the bonus of the compensation plan. Although for a greater understanding of the business opportunity I recommend you show it complete.

Official Launch of Wings Network

On January 10, 2014 the official launch of the Company will be held at headquarters of Wings Network in Portugal, products can be purchased starting today for those wishing to patronize the company announced. Packages as well as income and compensation plan for lovers of multilevel networks, the presentation will be provided by Vinicius Aguilar, Humberto Duran and Joao Andrade.


Lanzamiento oficial de wings network


  • Brazil         :  21:00 Horas
  • Uruguay   :  21:00 Horas
  • Argentina :  20:00 Horas
  • Colombia :  18:00 Horas
  • Bolivia       :  19:00 Horas
  • Peru           :  18:00 Horas
  • Venezuela:  18:30 Horas
  • Chile           :  20:00 Horas
  • New York:  18:00 Horas


Preferably enter the online room half an hour before you are not left out.


The Wings Network compensation plan has 8 ways to make money, you can see them through the link:

Wings Network Compensation Plan


wings network multinivel